Accidents are not a happy time, and we are sorry that you have had to go through this situation. We offer many services that will help make your experience easier.

We offer free estimates to individuals and we can also send them to some insurance companies on behalf of you. We try to take a lot of the work off of your shoulders, so you can focus on other matters.

We are a direct repair / preferred shop for several insurance companies. With these insurance companies, we handle everything from the time you drop off your vehicle to the time you pick it up, after repairs are completed.

We also tow vehicles for individuals, as well as, insurance companies. We can tow your vehicle from the accident site or from another location, such as your residence.

A rock hitting your windshield can be aggravating, but if you get it repaired, it lowers your chance of having to have your entire windshield replaced, thus lowering your cost out of pocket. If the chip or crack has started to run, we will most likely not be able to repair it. These claims can be reported to your insurance company for little or no out of pocket charge. Refer to your insurance policy to determine your cost of windshield repairs or replacements.